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Australian Beef Export

Scott Wilson, director of Moobi Valley, is a producer of Beef, specialising in beef from the Hunter Valley region in NSW, Australia.

Scott has a history of cattle farming, cattle buying and butchering. Scott has been buying premium grade Australian beef for export to many international destinations for several years. 

Moobi Valley supplies beef that is free from hormones, antibiotics, and he can source premium grade and quality beef. 


Contact us to find out how we can procure premium Australian beef for your business around the globe.


Scott has been in the meat and livestock industry for 20 years. 

We welcome all import / export enquiries. 


About the beef

·         Australian beef ‘British Breed’ i.e. Angus, Hereford

·         Hormone free, antibiotic free

·         The cattle graze on the lush grass of the best farmland on the east coast of Australia.

·         Grass fed / 120-day grain finished Australian beef

·         The care and welfare of the cattle is our priority and philosophy. 

·         360kg dead weight, on hook (approx.)

·         Boned and boxed to specification

·         Superior quality with a finely marbled, firm texture and even fat cover.

·         Required to purchase full body

 The process

  • Scott Wilson directly sources the beef from farming partners. 
  • from farms, knowing that their practices of rearing their cattle is natural environment. 
  • We buy the cattle at a specific weight.
  • They are taken to our associated registered feedlots
  • They are finally finished on Australian natural grain for 120 days to meet the weight of approximately 640kg, giving the beef its maximum potential for tenderness and full of flavour. 
  • Once cattle are ready, they are processed at the abattoirs meeting all Australian meat and livestock standards. 
  • Moobi Valley can guarantee to exceed expectations by providing a direct communication link, personalised service and a detailed process and supply of premium Australian beef.


We are able to offer our customers shipping in quantities that meet their requirements.

Shipping is available by both air and sea freight providing flexibility to our customers around the globe.

Air Freight Options:

·         AV’s in which can load approximately 1200–1400 kilograms of frozen or chilled product

·         2 X AV’s in which we can load approximately 2600–2800 kilograms of frozen or chilled product

·         Pallets in which we can load approximately 4000 kilograms of frozen or chilled product

 Sea Freight Options:

·         20 foot Reefer containers in which we can load 15–18 MT of frozen carton product, or 12–14 MT of chilled carton product

·         40 foot Reefer containers in which we can load 24–26 MT of frozen carton product, or 21–23 MT of chilled carton product

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