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About Moobi Valley


Welcome to Moobi Valley, a small family-owned business from the Central Coast NSW. Scott Wilson, the meat expert, started his passion for butchery from a young age, beginning his apprenticeship as a teen. His career grew as a prominent butcher is the Sydney farmers and grower’s markets.


Scott and his partner Dominique have recently opened their own flagship store, a one-of-a-kind shop to hit the Central Coast. It’s a butcher shop and takeaway wagyu burger shop all in one place. There isn’t anywhere on the Coast where you can order a Wagyu truffle cheeseburger and take home a 30-day dry aged Tomahawk.


Specialising in beautifully dry aged Black Angus Wagyu & Black Angus Beef, you will never taste meat like it. Our premium dry ageing cabinet is stocked with Tomahawks, T-bones, dry aged brisket and much more. From 90-200 day, we have carefully cared for the produce and created an exquisite product. 


The shop showcases a dry-ageing fridge, where the best cuts of premium Wagyu are aged from 30 days, all he way to 100+ days. From marble score 5 T-bones, to marble score 9 wagyu brisket, you know that what you’re eating is a premium Australian product.


There is something special about our burgers. Using coarse grind premium wagyu patties, hand crafted quality condiments, and great flavours, you will enjoy a perfect burger. We have perfected pulled pork and pulled brisket, and our secret recipe crunchy chicken is something else.


We hope to see you soon!